We offer a wide range of services

harbour assistance, towage, salvage, barges 


Based in i Kristiansund, our core activities are normally performed on the west coat of Norway. Neverthless we have also sucessfully completed towing duties in areas such as: Mediterranean, UK, Iceland, Baltic and Spitsbergen.

The key to a safe towage is an experienced crew and a well equipped tugboat. All our tugs have excellent towing winches and double propulsion systems, creating redundancy should a main engine fail.

harbour assistance

Since 1980 we have been the main provider of tugboat assistance for the bulk carriers calling the Hydro Aluminium plant at Sunndalsøra. Approx 4000 tug movements at this location alone, guarantee our crews proficiency in ship handling.

Ikon - døgnåpen

Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS has 24/7 operation: 71 67 95 30


Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS has sucessfully salvaged several vessels, suffering from: grounding, loss of propulsion and water ingress. In addition to standard towing equipment, all our tugboats carry salvage equipment such as portable pumps, oil booms and devices for stopping leakages. 

With our fleet of pontoons and barges we can also offer emergency discharging, wreck salvage and wreck removal.

Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS has 24/7 operation:
+47 71 67 95 30

barge charter

Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS operates barges in the 30m - 60m range. erer lektere i størrelsen 30m - 60m. The fleet consists of ordinary flat top barges and a work pontoon with hydraulic driving ramp and generator capacities.

The barges can be chartered fon short and long term, and can be combined with our tugs for a wide range of transport projects.

crew launch / taxiboat service

We can offer crew launch and taxiboat services. Contact us for an inquiry.