our tugboats

Designed and equipped for a wide range of duties

Waterchief 72 tbp

Our flagship! a true multipurpose tug :

  • ASD Caterpillar/Schottel configuration with controllable pitch.
  • McGregor Plimsoll escorte winch forward, with 200t brake - capacity and split drum.
  • McGregor Plimsoll double drum towing winch aft
  • FiFi 1 with water spray
  • Spacious wood covered working deck with cargo rails. Lashing feet for 3 x 20' containers or 6 x 10' containers-
  • Shark jaw, towing pins and stern roller SWL 130t
  • Oil recovery, heated tank capacity
  • High spec bridge equipment, including S-VDR voyage data recorder
  • World wide trading area within A3 limits

Waterchief spec.pdf
Waterchief GA plan.pdf

Waterman 26 tbp

Highly manouverable tug with Schottel/Deutz propulsion.

Waterman spec.pdf
Waterman GA plan.pdf

Waterlord 38 tbp

Highly manouverable tug with Schottel/Deutz propulsion.

Waterlord spec.pdf

Waterlord GA plan.pdf