Med sikkerhet i fokus

Quality Assurance / Health, safety & environment

The Norwegian coast can be very demanding when it comes to maritime operations.

Suppliers in this segment must always ensure that equipment, crew and management comply with the highest standards. Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS delivers quality in all links of the chain, to ensure that all operations are carried out safely, and with minimal loss of time. Throughout our operations we have a strong focus on safety. Our crews are highly trained and have long experience within maritime operations.

In the year 2000, we incorporated a quality and safety system based on the ISM-code, from which we can document good results.

Since 2008, Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS has been qualified in Achilles JQS. A joint qualification system for suppliers to the oil industry in Denmark and Norway.

When it comes to environmental issues, our company has implemented procedures to minimize the risk of exposing harmful substances to the environment. As the first tugboat in Norway, our new vessel "Waterchief" is awarded "Clean ship" notation from the Bureau Veritas classification society. Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS is also committed to the Environmental Agreement, between the Norwegian business sector and the Norwegian government. All wastes generated onboard our vessels, are delivered to approved shore side facilities.

If we make an environmental equation, and add the effect of our successful salvage operations with huge oil spill potential, we can proudly make the following statement:

Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS makes a positive contribution to the environment.